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Road Test: Sportec Scirocco SC 300

Road Test Sportec Scirocco SC300

After 35 years, VW’s sport coupe is back! It may be a Golf GTI underneath the body work but the Scirocco is 40mm longer, 51mm wider and a full 97mm lower at the roofline than the GT. But that is not the full story here.

Although, we stated some prejudice statements in the past in the direction of this new sports car, we decided to give it a go with one of the tuned variants on the market today; the Sportec Scirocco SC 300. In the end it proved to be a mix of delicious design from Volkswagen and a superb power output from Sportec putting a surprisingly big smile on our faces.

A third of a century has elapsed since Volkswagen launched the Mk 1, but over time nothing has really changed. The new car shows the same setup as the cult Scirocco did back then. It is still essentially a three-door coupe-hatchback. Main competitors? We think it will definitely take sales from the other chic coupe, the Audi TT, as well as its brother the Golf GTI.

Under the bonnet you will find five engine options; three petrol TSI twincharged engines producing 122bhp (90kW), 160bhp (118kW) or 200bhp (147kW) and two common rail 2.0TDI diesel engines producing 140bhp (103kW) and 170bhp (125kW). All engines are standard delivered with a six-speed manual gearbox, as option VW’s dual-clutch DSG with paddle shifters is available for the chosing. Other packages don’t differ that much from the GTI. The standard set includes six airbags, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and ABS with hydraulic brake assist.

But let’s focus on the setup Jero Design – Sportec Benelux Dealership – handed to us for a test drive. Sportec established a technical package for the Scirocco, which takes the vehicle into a different league of handling and power production. The SC 300 is based on a standard Sirocco 2.0T FSI and equipped with some decent tuning refinements.

Road Test Sportec Scirocco SC 300 01

First of all the performance stage 3. The full kit includes a performance upgrade through ECU reprogramming, sports air filter, sports catalytic converter, high performance exhaust system, larger intercooler kit and turbocharger developed by Sportec. The performance gain for this kit is a maximum performance of 257kW (350hp) at 5900rpm and a maximum torque of 480Nm at 2300-5000rpm. Just as a comparison the standard setup for this engine is a maximum of 147kW (200bhp) between 5100-6000rpm and a maximum torque of 280Nm at 1700-5000rpm. The top speed was increased to a breathtaking 280km/h, an increase of more than 20 percent. Acceleration of 0-100km/h (0-60mph) is 1.2 seconds quicker than the factory setup. In 5.9 seconds you will reach 100km/h. It is clear that Sportec increased the figures drastically. For insiders, the figures smash the brand new Scirocco R.

For other engine types Sportec offers three other stages. A performance stage boosting the 1.4TSI up to 147kW (200hp) and the 2.0TSI up to 176kW (240hp) or 198kW (270hp). Both latter ones are petrol engine stage 1 and 2. For the 2.0TDI common rail engine the Swiss tuner has a stage tuning kit up to 125kW (170hp). Each package contains parts surfing the task of better handling and drivability.

But let’s get back to the SC 300. The Candy White body color unveiled more surprises, such as a sports suspension with more sportive shock absorbers and springs lowering the car up to 35mm. A setting of 30mm up to 60mm is possible on request. Sportec also changed the brake kit setup with a 355×32mm two-piece ventilated brake assembly on all four wheels. The brake calipers are painted in the color of the car and have the Sportec logo.

Also the exterior looks got some decent enhancements. The wheels are Sportec rims mono 10 forged 9 x 20” with 245/30 sized tires. Each rim got an individual matt black paint job with white rim stripes. We must say a great adding to the unique looks of this SC 300. If requested smaller sized rims are available, even full wheel sets including Michelin or Toyo tires.

Other changes such as the carbon mirror cabs and the Sportec logos complete the small line-up of external refinements. This particular car got a black roof and black design striping over the full length of the vehicle. The side striping indicates the car type. The whole design generated enough thumbs up.

Road Test Sportec Scirocco SC 300 02

Grab the door handle and pull and the first thing you will notice is how low and snug the driving position is, but also the minor details Sportec has put into the interior design. Carbon interior trim, an aluminum pedal set and floor mat set are on the list. Ones you have taken hold of the steering wheel, you will enjoy the squared off bottom and the great grip inside your hands.

Start the engine, listen to the lovely grawl coming out of the improved exhaust and select your defined Adaptive Chassis Control (ACC) function setting. In normal mode, the Scirocco behaves like an excellent tourer with high-speed cruising. Choose sport mode and the Scirocco can be pushed along twisting mountain roads with surprising haste. However, the Scirocco isn’t a corner-eating monster or beast awaiting its track days. Still the driving experience is superbly balanced. Sportec even improved handling and body control by installing a different suspension setup. Combine this with an enormous amount of boost generated by the stage 3 performance kit and prepare yourself for this white wolf in sheep’s clothing attacking any sports car with ease.

Let’s conclude. Firstly, the Scirocco builds on the excellence of the donor Golf GTI hardware and adds a long lasting delicious design to it. Secondly, the wonderful package established by Sportec killed any prejudiced feelings we had on forehand. So this leaves us with only two questions; How will it keep up with VW’s latest family member the ‘R’ and what will Sportec have in stock for that version? Just surprise us again, please!

Special thanks to Jero Design, Sportec Benelux Dealership!